Professional and empathetic

When my world shattered one cold winter afternoon on 12/23/22, I was lost and afraid because my husband died far away from his island home and I had no idea how and when to bring him home. I never used the word “repatriation” in my vocabulary before and here I was in Japan planning exactly this. When I heard Robert’s warm and friendly voice over the phone I immediately felt calm and at ease because he assured me that my husband’s body will be well taken cared of as well as the entire repatriation process. It was such a blessing to have Funeral Support Services assist my family throughout this difficult and daunting process. Robert and his staff were completely professional and empathetic and were with us from his pickup at the police station morgue to his departure at the United Airlines cargo. My husband was in excellent condition after his embalming and was treated with such gentle care as they dressed and placed him in a beautiful Japanese casket. My family is so extremely grateful that our paths crossed and truly believe this was a divine connection.

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